What our students are saying

Ned B.

Eli is a highly dedicated, gifted, and creative language instructor. Among Eli’s talents is an ability to engage with each student on his or her own level, integrating us all within a single, mutually rewarding experience. Thus, whether a rank beginner, or a groping novice, or even a relatively advanced speaker of Hebrew, we can all benefit and grow together in our command of the language. Thank you so much, Eli, for giving us a terrific course!

Marina B.

Eli is a very friendly and extremely knowledgeable instructor. I really enjoyed it and wish it continued more. So looking forward to every class!

Lisa P.

Tamar is a great teacher – very patient and encouraging to us beginners. My comfort in reading out loud has exponentially increased with each week. We laugh a lot while Tamar guides us through a formal curriculum. Thanks Tamar, for making it fun and engaging while we expand our command of the language.

Mindy L.

I was excited yet hesitant to attend a Hebrew class after so many years. I had forgotten so many of the words I once knew. Tamar made me feel very welcome and part of the rest of the students. She is an excellent instructor and I feel that my vocabulary has greatly increased during this session. I very much look forward to continuing with this program as my end goal is to be as fluent in Hebrew as I was when I was a teenager. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
Thank you Tamar. I appreciate all you do for us.

Yarni P.

Tamar is a great Hebrew teacher. I so look forward to my Monday and Wednesday classes with her and the others. Tamar takes her time and makes everything easy to follow. I also feel like the other students are all on my same level and it’s great to meet friends from all over wanting to learn Hebrew, just like me.

Lynn C.

Tamar’s creative use of technology is the piece I needed to kick my Hebrew learning to the next level. She’s patient and listens well to her students’ needs and concerns, and she adapts the lessons to our various learning styles. Plus, meeting other students around the globe has been such a gift! I hope we can all meet in person some day soon!

Andrew S.

At the outset, one stands before the mountain of a new language daunted and terrified at the heights one hopes to scale to learn even a little. But with Tamar as your guide, you swiftly find yourself accumulating knowledge and skill. Before you realize it, her prepared, disciplined approach, filled with multi-media variety and shaped by her always-pleasant manner has brought you to the foothills of understanding and comprehension. You can see how her method and expertise as a teacher are working their magic. With Tamar leading you, there is no limit to how high you can climb.

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