The Hebrew Journey

Join a small group of learners led by a wonderful teacher, who together improve their Hebrew language skills. Expand your vocabulary, increase your knowledge of grammar, improve your conversation skills, and develop your writing skills. Meet interesting people and make new friends as you build confidence in Hebrew communication.

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Hebrew Conversation

Fun and Friendly Hebrew Conversation

Join us every other Thursday for conversation in Hebrew, led by a first‑rate moderator. Develop your vocabulary, practice conversation skills, and meet Hebrew enthusiasts from around the world.

Prerequisite: Basic conversational Hebrew.

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Let’s Begin a Conversation

A unique opportunity for beginning Hebrew students to apply their vocabulary in conversation. Supported by a professional teacher, students meet every week with Hebrew learners who are in the same boat as themselves: Just learning their first words, and eager to use them!

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Israeli Music

Learn to sing beautiful Israeli songs, experiencing the best of Israeli culture while expanding Hebrew vocabulary and improving language comprehension. Become acquainted with the musicians who created the songs, and with the cultural and historical realities that influenced their work. All levels of Hebrew and music are welcome!

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